Mr. Kishan Gunawardene: The New President of the National Council of the YMCA s of Sri Lanka

At the 48th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the National Council of the YMCA s of Sri Lanka held on 25th May 2013 in Trincomalee, Mr. Kishan Gunawardene was elected as the President.
Mr. Gunawardene is an Active member of the YMCA of Dehiwela and first joined the YMCA movement in 1975. Since then Mr. Gunawardene served in different committees of Dehiwela YMCA looking into the needs of the community especially the youth and children. Mr. Gunawardene is well known in the YMCA circle as “Kishan”. He was very much involved in sports in his childhood and young age. He showed his talents in the YMCA in sports such as Body Building, Carrom, Table Tennis and Basketball.

He played a remarkable role as the Co- Director of the YMCA Sports Skills Coaching Camp conducted in Welimada in 1991 and later continued to give leadership in different camping and sports programmes. He served the underprivileged community in Dehiwela area through different community empowerment projects and undertook various responsibilities of organizing and conducting the Dehiwela YMCA Annual Sunshine Camp for the differently Abled kids and presently serves as a Board member of Dehiwala YMCA

He represented the YMCA national movement at different programmes organized and conducted by Government and Non Governmental Organizations. Kishan is involved in many committees at the National Council and was the key person in organizing the main celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the NCY of Sri Lanka which brought great international recognition to the Sri Lanka YMCA.

Kishan attended the World YMCA Youth Camp in Canberra, Australia in 1990 which was a turning point for him to be involved in and promote Camping in the YMCA. He attended a number of workshops, seminars and conferences representing Sri Lanka YMCA in India, Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong and kept the Sri Lanka YMCA flag flying in all those programmes. Kishan is also instrumental in developing a partnership with Taichung YMCA and he presently serves as the Chairman of the Sri Lanka-Taichung Eden Project for youth partnership.

Kishan had the privilege of chairing the Committee for Selection of the Best YMCA for the last three years and continued to be in the National Council Executive Committee for many years. At present he serves as a member of the Mission and Responses Committee of the Asia & Pacific Alliance of YMCAs (APAY)

Mr. Kishan Gunawardene holds a Post Graduate Diploma and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK and works as a Deputy Director of Forbes & Walker Ltd, a well established commodity brokering firm. Kishan studied first at St Thomas College Mt Lavinia. He then moved to Royal College Colombo after winning a scholarship and represented Royal College in Hockey, Athletics and Soccer.

We wish Mr. Kishan Gunawardene all the success and God’s blessings to serve the community through the YMCA