Profile of the National Council

The first YMCA of Sri Lanka was founded on 28 June, 1882 in Colombo. Soon afterwards the YMCAs spread to other then major cities Galle, Jaffna, Kandy, Batticaloa and Moratuwa.

The YMCAs of Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) was coordinated by a Council titled Council of YMCAs of India, Burma and Sri Lanka followed by a Council of YMCAs of Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. In 1962 the National Council of YMCAs of Sri Lanka was formed independent to India and Pakistan to coordinate and liaise with the YMCAs of Sri Lanka. The National Council of YMCAs of Sri Lanka was incorporated by an Act of Parliament Act No. 07 of 1967 and registered with the ministry of Social Services of Sri Lanka. The Council coordinates with 38 member YMCAs spread around the country as identified in the member YMCAs pages in this site.

The Council is the official representative of the YMCA Movement of Sri Lanka and the coordinating body to the International and National Movements. The Council meets annually approving all Audited Accounts, reports and elects its Executive Committee to carry out its policies and decisions of the Council. The Council is a composition of all member YMCAs, the President and the Office Bearers are elected for a period of one year. Executive Committee members are a composition of volunteer leaders supported by professionals.

The YMCA Movement is one of the oldest Non Governmental Organization in Sri Lanka and at present there are round 15,000 registered members and over 100,000 well wishers, participants and beneficiaries.

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